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2 School Building

Bus for Transportation

3 Playgrounds

Library & Science Labs

Arts & Crafts Center

Our Philosophy

Educate a woman and you educate a family!

MAK believes in this philosophy and for over 50 years has helped educate women & children in the underserved communities.

MAK's mission is provide quality education for children in rural areas.  We achieve our mission through creating awareness, raising funds & executing programs that provide infrastructure, education needs & vocational training to underpriviledged children & women!

Our Mission

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Not only are women the source of human life, but also they are the fabric, the backbone of our society. The well-being of women is vital to that of the society at large.



It is in line with this philosophy that Mahila Adhyayan Kendra was founded in Dewas, in the state of Madhya Pradesh in India, more than four decades ago to serve the women folk in the rural areas of the state. With this as the backbone of our passion, MAK was started under a tree where Mrs Susheela Laghate taught women of Dewas - vocational education that can help them become able individuals, more literate mothers and eventually help their children become responsible citizens.

providing quality education to the children & women of underprivileged areas.

k-12 class room learning

english & hindi

science & math

social studies & geography

training for teachers

higher & college education

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MAK's IRS 501c3 Letter

ensuring the vocational skills of children are identified & worked on:

music & arts

hand crafts training

screen printing workshops

medical assistant training

mechanical training

sports education training

creating infrastructure & facilities in the under served areas including:

school buildings

school bus


music & art rooms

science labs

computer rooms

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