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practical training


2022-2023 Programs

THANK YOU the continued support from our generous donors and supporters, we have been able to cultivate a lifestyle of balanced and sustained learning in the children of the rural areas we serve.

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Providing additional bus transportation to our children from remote villages


Practical, Industry training, benefitting children, parents &  Teachers


Ensuring proactive health checkups and physical sports activities as part of the daily students' lifestyle.


Being rooted with the value of family, festival, teamwork - is a way of life @ MAK

Your contributions have made a difference in enabling the quality of education & support in infrastructure for the children of Mahila Adhyayan Kendra

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The focus of the school year has been to learn through three major boulders chosen by the MAK team:

  1. Be Culturally Aware

  2. Live a Healthy and Balanced lifestyle and

  3. Emphasis on Practical Learning

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MAK thanks its sponsors and donors throughout the year.


Your financial help during this year has helped us procure another vehicle for the transportation of the children from many villages.  Those who did not attend school due to inability to commute a long distance, your support has enabled them to come to school, learn and become responsible citizens in the community!



MAK prides in ensuring the children that we serve not only understand the value of education but the importance of culture.  Making them grounded with the values of the cultural elements of growth allow for becoming better citizens of tomorrow.


Children are seen engrossed in making idols of Ganesha for their school project.  The creativity of the MAK teachers helps the children to work through the entire lifecycle of the design, hands-on work, team play, and many other techniques of molding and modeling clay  - while they make the idols of Ganesha!


Health & Sports


Providing the opportunity for best overall development is a key strategy of MAK.  In helping children build a lifestyle that is inclusive of strong academics and vocation, along with the development of art and backed by sports!


Through the involved sports camps and regular activities, the children are exposed to team sports, individual competition and at times even a fight or two on the field!  Building the competitive spirit of healthy rivalry is an important and subtle trait for self-confidence and growth.  MAK thrives on providing this 'playground' to its students through volleyball, soccer, badminton, relay-races, kho-kho, hula-hoops and many other creative sports!

Practical Learning

We all have heard - Seeing is believing.... And that Practice makes perfect....

The teachers @ MAK take it to heart to ensure that the progressive learning methods are utilized in their day-to-day teaching.  From the use of visual cues in English and Math, practical exposure to labs during science, to the field trips to the local historic places while teaching History and Geography - provide a well-versed exposure to the children in both grasping as well as appreciating the concepts being taught to them.


We believe these areas allow for sustained learning habits in the children in grade school.

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