thank you for supporting the community during COVID.19

While our teachers have taken incredibly humane steps in helping the local community in Rajoda & Bamankheda, the Board and Administration of MAK has provided for creative means to its teachers and students to enable CONTINUOUS LEARNING during these times!



Engaging ways that MAK teams have coped up with upskilling, continuing to while using safe measures:

  1. Training for the new world of virtual etiquette

  2. Whatsapp Video Calls with Teachers

  3. Whatsapp Audio Calls with Students

  4. Support line for Health or other issues



In accordance with the lockdown order passed by the Madhya Pradesh State Government as well as the Government of India, Mahila Adyayan Kendra has taken measures to ensure the health and safety of our students, teachers and members of the administration.

For the safety of all staff and students, and in compliance with the directive from the Government of Madhya Pradesh, MAK has taken the following steps with immediate effect:

  1. the schools at Bamankheda and Rajoda will remain closed starting March 17th, 2020 UNTIL further notice

  2. ANY vocation based activities including sports, arts, music, computers or other scheduled or unscheduled activities have been suspended until further notice

We have ensured that the students, teachers and administration are safe and provided them with specific measures to provide support during these times.  For their personal safety, staff and students have been asked to and continue to follow these measures:

  1. stay in close quarters of their homes at all times

  2. continue to protect themselves with frequent handwashing with soap

  3. maintain social distancing should they need to go out for emergency services

  4. wear protective type gear - mask, or body cover while out

  5. immediately isolate yourself should you have any symptoms of fever, dry cough, fatigue, nasal congestion, diarrhea, sore throat or other symptoms like these

  6. CALL the help lines provided by the state government

For the comfort and support of all members of the MAK team, access to the Director's cell phone, the Principal's phone number as well as an on-call doctor has been set up and made available during these times.





The annual exams of MAK were meant to be scheduled from the 18th of March.  In the first week of April, after careful consideration of the extension of the lockdown order in the State of Madhya Pradesh, the administration and teachers took a decisive step on examination and grades assessment for the students across all schools of MAK.

The MAK Administration declared the following for all students across all grades of both Bamankheda and Rajoda schools:

  1. CANCELLATION  of Annual Examination

  2. CANCELLATION of any extracurricular activities and classes for ALL students

  3. ALL currently assigned homework and projects made OPTIONAL for students to finish at home

  4. As per policy, all students were graded basis a continuous evaluation pattern

  5. All qualified students have been promoted to the next class

  6. Results were made basis a 9-month evaluation cycle - from April 2019 to January 2020

  7. HELPLINE available for students for inquiry or clarification of ANY subject or assignment via phone

  8. Optional, (yet urged to do) extra assignments for students that are able to take up essay writing, articles of the local national and global impact of COVID.19




The character of the members of MAK showed tremendous valor, grace and humanity as, despite the pandemic situation around the globe and at their homes, several teachers of the MAK team continue to help other local community farmers, Below Poverty Line families (BPL) that are unable to figure means to survive or be safe.

Leading by example, the Principal of MAK, Ms. Seema Chabbra created a program for the children to SAFELY participate in helping poor farmer families with several essentials including:

  1. FOOD parcels to the farmer's homes - multiple times a day

  2. MEDICINES to those that are in daily need of supplies

  3. Homemade FACE MASKS to those that are in the essentials business so they can carry on providing for the country during these times


Help and support of such types of acts of kindness can only come from within those who already carry them in their hearts through their lives!  We are proud to be the home to several such teachers and individuals who have helped the COMMUNITY, at times, despite the hand to mouth situation at their homes!